How it works

Initial Consultation

Once you decide to work with us, we'll have an initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for, who you are buying for, and what the special occasion is. We'll have you complete a brief questionnaire to better understand the purchase specifications including the style of the recipient and your desired budget. We'll educate you on what to look for and review some of the finer details of what makes watches so valuable, so that you are knowledgeable about your investment. Should you choose to proceed, an initial upfront payment find and search fee will be due from you. Once payment is received, the work on our end begins.

Selection and Purchase

Following the initial consultation, we'll start our research to select the best choices for you based on your budget and style. When our research is completed, we'll send you our recommendations via email (typically 3-6) and review why these options work well for the recipient. You'll then select which watch(es) you want us to pursue, and we'll begin contacting our network of dealers to negotiate the best price. Once a price is locked in with a dealer, you'll provide us with the funds to buy the watch.

Delivery and Final Payment

After the watch is purchased, the dealer can send it to us and we'll inspect it for quality control or directly to you, depending on your preference. All watches will come with receipts showing the actual price paid. Upon receiving the watch, a final "savings fee" will be due from you (if applicable) and the transaction will be finalized.