About the founder

I am an avid collector of modern and vintage wristwatches. My passion for watches began when I was 5 years old, on a typical shopping trip with my mother to the local Woolworth's. In the window display, I fell in love with a digital Timex watch which was too expensive to buy. After several months of pleading and harassing, my mother gave in and purchased it for my birthday.

I have wonderful memories of admiring the aesthetics of my first watch and playing with the features, particularly the Indiglo light, which I used to illuminate the darkness of my blanket forts. Sadly, I no longer have it, but those happy memories remain etched in my mind forever, and they are the driving force that led me to the creation of DATE@SIX. At DATE@SIX, our goal is to help create similar happy memories for our clients and their loved ones, by providing end-to-end watch buying services for life's most special occasions. 

When not engrossed in the world of watch buying and client service, I work in corporate finance, helping to build and grow startup companies. In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and two active boys in the Greater NYC area.

-Wai Chin